Adoption Groups for Kids – Register Now!

Bridgepointe Therapy will be hosting groups for children who were adopted Saturdays this Fall at our adoption therapy office in Charleston, SC.  The topic of these groups will be ‘How My Adoptive Family, My Birth Family and Me Make The Whole Me’.  This is an opportunity for kids to celebrate how adoption has made them who they are while exploring some of the challenging aspects of being adopted, for example, having unanswered questions about their birth family or sometimes feeling “different” from their adoptive family.  Children and teens who were adopted at times struggle with identity, and this group provides a way to gentle explore this topic with the support of peers who can relate to them.  Children will also benefit from the group by having fun and being a space where everyone else was adopted, just like them!

Bridgepointe Therapy Adoption Groups for Kids will be held in Charleston, SC:

Saturday, September 28th 10am-12pm: 2nd – 4th Grades

Saturday, October 5th 10am-12pm: 4th – 6th Grades

The registration fee is $60 and includes materials and a snack.  Register early to ensure your child’s space in the group!  Registration will cap at 8 participants per group.  Contact Emily for more information or to register.

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